Sky One FZE is proud to offer a comprehensive helicopter business that encompasses a large passenger and cargo carrying capacity, these Helicopters are exclusive in their range and terrain of operations. Their long endurance in high altitudes is unmatched for humanitarian relief and firefighting capabilities worldwide. With a fleet of helicopters, we have accumulated extensive experience and expertise in providing critical support during regular passenger ferry transportation, cargo operations,VVIP movement as well as times of crisis.

Humanitarian Relief | Firefighting Capabilities | Versatile and Agile Operations

Sky One FZE’s helicopters play a crucial role in delivering humanitarian aid and support to areas affected by natural disasters, conflicts, and other emergencies. With our extensive experience in relief operations, we are equipped to transport essential supplies, medical equipment, and personnel to remote and inaccessible locations. Our helicopters act as lifelines, providing timely assistance to those in need and contributing to saving lives and rebuilding communities.

Sky One FZE helicopeter service

Our benefits

  • Rapid Response and Mobility

  • Increased Access and Reach

  • Comprehensive Support Services