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Sharjah-based Pier Seven Aviation, part of the SkyOne and Aerosiva Holding Limited group, has made a significant acquisition that will benefit Indian aviation aspirants. Its parent company, Aerosiva Holdings Ltd, has announced the acquisition of FLY LEVEL, a leading aviation training organization based in Bucharest, Romania

This strategic move is set to provide enhanced training solutions and solidify Pier Seven Aviation’s position as a global leader in aviation education. With a majority of Pier Seven’s students coming from India, this acquisition opens up fresh prospects for Indian aviation enthusiasts.

Founder and Group Chairman of SkyOne and Aerosia Holding Limited, Jaideep Mirchandani, expressed his delight, stating, “We are delighted to welcome Fly Level into our aviation family. This acquisition aligns perfectly with our vision of providing high-quality training and education to aspiring aviation professionals.”

Over the past five years, Pier Seven Aviation has conducted 71 batches of A320 Type Rating training, approved by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), successfully training close to 500 Indian pilots across various courses. The institute’s state-of-the-art simulators, including A320 FFS, B737 FFS, B747-400 FFS, and A320 FTD, have received approvals from EASA and other International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Civil Aviation Authorities.

Mirchandani emphasized the growth of air travel in India, leading to increased demand for pilots and crew. He expressed optimism that this acquisition will provide new horizons for aviation training. With FLY LEVEL’s expertise and reputation, he believes they can offer an even greater range of training programs, shaping the future of aviation.

Pier Seven Aviation, under the SkyOne umbrella, remains committed to delivering excellence in pilot training and nurturing skilled and confident aviators. The institute’s comprehensive packages, which include accommodation, transportation, and meals, have attracted students like Saptarishi Sen, who completed his CPL from Florida, USA, and chose Pier Seven Aviation for his A320 type training. He praised the holistic approach of the training center, allowing him to focus on enhancing his technical skills and gaining a deeper understanding of the aviation industry.

With a focus on tailored, flexible, and responsive solutions, Mirchandani highlighted the importance of offering premier aviation training services beyond pilot training. The acquisition of FLY LEVEL expands the scope of their training offerings.

The state-of-the-art simulators at Pier Seven Aviation, approved by EASA and ICAO Civil Aviation Authorities, reflect their commitment to providing top-notch training facilities.

By bringing together the expertise of Pier Seven Aviation and FLY LEVEL, SkyOne and Aerosia Holding Limited are empowering Indian aviation aspirants with enhanced opportunities and advanced training resources.

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