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The UAE-based global aviation group has eyes set on India’s aviation market. The group is looking to engage with relevant stakeholders, partners and regulatory authorities. Sky One was also among the three bidders vying for the government’s stake in Pawan Hans.

The UAE-based global aviation group, Sky One, is gearing up to fortify its presence in  with an expansion plan in mind. The company’s Chairman,  with an expansion plan in mind. The company’s Chairman, Jaideep Mirchandani , aims to leverage India’s thriving aviation market by exploring strategic acquisitions and forging new partnerships, contributing to the nation’s dynamic growth story.

India’s aviation landscape has been experiencing unprecedented growth, positioning it as one of the world’s largest and most promising aviation markets. A recent study predicts potential financing in the aircraft leasing segment of up to USD 100 billion over the next two decades, underlining the immense opportunities that lie ahead.Sky One recognises this potential and is keen on capitalising on the emerging opportunities in the Indian aviation  sector.

In line with its expansion strategy, Sky One was also among the three bidders vying for the government’s stake in Pawan Hans,a prominent helicopter services company in India. This bid, according to the company, showcases its resolve to leave an indelible mark in the rapidly evolving Indian aviation landscape.

Mirchandani also expressed his confidence in Sky One ability to become a contributor to India’s aviation growth story. “With the Indian airplane fleet expected to quadruple in size by 2038, and the commercial fleet projected to exceed 5,000 aircraft by 2050, the need for robust and strategic partnerships in the aviation sector is undeniable. Our commitment to unwavering safety, reliability, and customer-centricity positions us uniquely to meet these demands,” he stated.

To meet the growing demand for skilled aviation professionals, Sky One subsidiary, Pier Seven Aviation , recently acquired an aviation training organisation in Bucharest, . Mirchandani said that this acquisition aims to build a world-class workforce and provide unparalleled training opportunities to aspiring aviation professionals, with a particular focus on nurturing talents from India.

As part of its approach to contribute to India’s aviation vision, Sky One is aiming to engage with relevant stakeholders, industry partners, and regulatory authorities.

Sky One India expansion comes at a pivotal juncture for the global aviation industry, which is projected to grow exponentially by 2033, boasting a fleet of over 36,000 aircraft. Through strategic acquisitions, robust partnerships, and a commitment to excellence, Sky One aims to be at the forefront of India’s aviation growth story, ushering in a new era of connectivity, safety, and innovation.

Sky One is a prominent player in the global aviation industry, with its headquarters in the UAE. Led by Mirchandani, the company operates a portfolio of aviation assets, including helicopter charter services under Sky One Airways.

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