Sky One global presence and landmark journey help us guide companies and investors through the dynamics of customer behavior, technological advances, and policy changes. Our unrivaled domain expertise in the design, delivery, and management of aviation solutions is at the core of the turnkey solutions we offer.

Our result-oriented guidance provides comprehensive solutions from formation and acquisition to running and expansion as well. We combine our 25 years of practical experience, in-depth market research, and an avid team of aviation enthusiasts to support new companies in designing and launching a fresh, smarter league of airlines.

The world of aviation is capital-intensive, highly competitive, and extremely sensitive to world events that are beyond anyone’s scope. But with Sky One, every new airline gets a fighting chance to take off and soar as we back them financially from concept through launch. We guide entrepreneurs to take the first steps in the world of aviation with the most critical ingredients of knowledge, finances, strategy, and operations.

Sky One Cargo passanger airlines

Key benefits

  • Go-To-Market Strategy

  • Mentorship

  • International Mobility